Residential Project

A sense of modern art infuses the décor of this dazzling project.

Custom House Design and Build

Etobicoke, ON
Silver-gold kitchen hardware and golden inlays cuts a fine contrast against a pure white colour scheme. Fine beige soft sandy-white floors ground bring a sense of earthiness to the kitchen. Slim wine cabinets let you store plenty of your favourite wine close at hand. A curvy arc over the stove deepens the kitchen’s aesthetic mood.
The kitchen is centered around honeycomb chandeliers with stacked golden loops overhanging the island; they bring the room together with a grand, artistic design. The island, as well as the kitchen countertop, include fine regal golden lines set in a balanced, artistic pattern.
The washroom features dual sinks with triple mirrors above them, bringing a stylish and balanced feel to the room. The big window, which features pink chic curtains, lets in plenty of sunlight. A gold-legged stool and small counter-impression brings harmony to this excellent washroom design. From the ceiling dangle cute little orb lights.