Residential Project

This 2019 Woodbridge Renovation features a subdued grey theme throughout the house.

Whole House Renovation

Forest Dr – Woodbridge, ON
The living room feature a gleaming, silver, futuresuqe fireplace of striking parallel line design, which protrudes out from a lush grey wall paint. Meanwhile, the floors are deliciously woodsy, casting a contrast against the light grey of the ceiling. The fireplace is elegantly cast in a gold border.
The house kitchen features an aristocratic white and gold theme, with shiny greyish flooring. The backdrop is a thick black.
However, the house truly comes together in the gorgeous, high-end living room, which features lush, subdued grey walls mirroring a thick ebony fireplace. This room breathes with an exquisite charm.
The bathroom and cabinet handles are cast in a fine goldish colour, while on the wall, two mirrors are set luxuriously against subdued grey. The mirror frames like the cabinet doors are dark grey, which makes a calming foil to the spacious white of the room.