Residential Project

This 2017 high-end Toronto Custom Design and Build has a heavenly white colour scheme which brings a sense of soothing comfort to the model.

Custom Home Design and Build

Storey Cres – Toronto, ON
The living room glistens with a snowy white fireplace, cute wall-lamps, and bright tall windows. A gold-line theme traces its way through the table, couches, and lovely white furniture. Nearby, this open concept area gives way to a dining room with a high-end chandelier, and a sophisticated glass square table. Meanwhile, the floor below gives off an earthy ambiance.
The property kitchen has a lovely grey island with gold-coloured inlay. The heavenly theme of the house carries on into this kitchen, which sparkles with luscious silvery white, while a well-balanced chandelier hangs overhead. Underneath, the floor gives a warm, earthy tone, making a darkly calm counterpoint to the crystalline ambiance of the rest of the kitchen.
The property includes a delightful family room with a large window. A luxurious oily-silver design borders a petit rectangle of a fireplace. This room is snug, comfortable, and very cute, with a television wall bordered by a fine gold border, deep grey couches and chic side-shelves for family photos and plants. It is the perfect area to tuck in with your loved ones to play board games or watch a movie!