Residential Project

This 2016 rejuvenated striking kitchen is using a variety of clever flourishes that prove the power is in details, and the mix.


Mississauga, ON
In the kitchen of this property, a petit blue cabinet adorns the wall above the stove, mirroring the blue island. The kitchen has chic design, offering the perfect place to get together with the family to cook. The chandeliers hang above the kitchen artistically, lending a modern feel to the property. The entire kitchen breathes with a spacious, calming atmosphere, facilitated by the celestial moods of the white paint theme.
In the living room, a dark blue wall features striking wall art and exquisite golden lines. The floor is made of homey, cute wood. A flickering fireplace surrounded by a black and white border gives the living room a warm ambiance perfect for romantic nights or family time. You are sure to find peace and tranquility residing in this GTA property.