Residential Project

This gorgeous Etobicoke property glimmers luxuriously in pearl-white, creating a divine atmosphere.

Custom House Design and Build

Etobicoke, ON
As you enter the living room, a splendid marble backdrop appears, bordered by fine dark wood shelving with gold inlays. A cute little fireplace is set in the wall, perfect for chilly evenings with friends and family! A great bright window lets in plenty of sunlight, while an exquisite coffee table rests between the couches. The coffee table is made of two overlapping circles: one white, and the other clear, ringed with gold.
The kitchen features a sensible white island with gold faucetware and an artistic design underneath, with room for sophisticated chairs. The kitchen is brought together by a high-hanging, rich dark blue cabinet with gold lines.
The kitchen floor is a soft, sandy colour, which provides a calming contrast to the heavenly white of the rest of the room. The colour scheme creates a fresh, calm ambiance, perfect for relaxing dinner cooking!
The washroom of this elegant property is shaded by gleaming ebony colourings. The rich noir colours make a beautiful contrast to the aristocratic gold cupboards.
The walls by the tub are coloured in calming grey and garbed with delightful white flowers. You are sure to emerge from this washroom feeling clean and refreshed!