Residential Project

This luxury 2018 basement renovation has an extremely unique and chic design.

Luxury Basement Finishing

Oakville, ON
This luxury 2018 Design and Build has a gorgeous bathroom design with a clear see-through shower and delightful patterned pastel walls. A sophisticated round mirror overhangs the sink, while the sink itself is placed on a cute, petit square table. The design of the washroom combines to create an evanescent ambiance which calms one in the morning.
The house bar has extremely unique and chic kitchen design. In this kitchen, one side features an urban brick design which lends an earthy ambiance to the room. The cabinetware is made of dark soothing wood, while sensual lights overhang the island.
An artistic wine rack is found behind a glass door. The bar is perfect to unwind and have a few drinks with friends!