Residential Project

This 2015 Mississauga Renovation has a white scheme which gives a heavenly ambiance throughout the property.


Mississauga, ON
The floor is made of luxurious wood. The staircase, made of the same deep dark wood, spirals around an aristocratic chandelier. The living room has a chic light-brown wood wall which makes a striking counterpoint to the dark wood of the floor. A cute little fireplace is embedded in the wall, perfect for tucking in front of on frosty Autumn eves!

The bathroom has a beautiful bowl-like bathtub, a speckled countertop, and a petit blue lamp.

In the kitchen, sleek modern kitchenware glistens beautifully, while the rest of the room shimmers with a fresh white paint design.
A beautiful petit glass table with luxurious chairs brings the entire kitchen together, while glistening, aristocratic chandeliers hang overhead.