Residential Project

This 2016 GTA Design and Build is marked by a great window which allows in plenty of fresh sunlight, giving the property a spacious, easy-breathing mood.


Wagner Cres – Burlington, ON
Flat-panel cabinetry meets veined marble countertops in this exquisite kitchen by Mississauga, ON-based custom home builders, Dizeh Group
A great piece of silverfish art adorns is placed near the kitchen. The kitchen has lush rich dark cabinets, giving the room a warm ambiance. The white marbletop island gleams in a counterpoint to the woodsy backdrop of the underside of the island and above the sink. Another small window is set to the left, giving even more sunlight to the room.
Kitchen remodel with black cabinets making a contrast with white marble island and backslash
A great piece of silverfish screen adorns is placed near the kitchen.
The washroom is chic and modern, with subdued grey walls and a fine white shower. The mirror and lamps above the sink are squares, giving the room a nice, modern ambiance.
Fresh grey bathroom with marble stand shower