Residential Project

This 2018 Oakville Design and Build gleams with a modern, futuresque visage.


William Rose Way – Oakville, ON
Kitchen remodel with blue and white cabinetry making a contrast with white marble island and backslash
The property has a striking blue kitchen island with gold-coloured handles. Two cute golden-coloured chandeliers overhang the kitchen island. The kitchen faucet and other items have the same aristocratic golden colour, while much of the rest of the room is cast in sleek white. The kitchen features a cute little dining space for less formal meals. A small corner table makes the perfect place to tuck into a scrumptious breakfast with your loved ones!
Cozy grey and gold dining table set create wonderful opportunities for shared meals with family
The living room and dining room feature sensual greys, with gold reappearing on the wall in the form of leaves as well as a chandelier.
An open-concept design allows the living room and dining room to flow into each other. Both rooms feature sensual greys, with bright gold colour appearing in the form of leaf designs on the wall and in the chandelier. The dining room features a long table with deep plush chairs, perfect for more formal family dinners and parties. But the sophistication of the dining room is tempered by the warmth emanating from the earthy colours. In the living room, grey couches and chairs are tucked snugly in front of a chic fireplace, while a fine glass coffee table brings the room together.
Subdued grey accent wall with golden strikes. From throw pillows and blankets to statement rugs, accessories decked out in yellow and gray abound.
gold and grey scheme interior design
freestanding bathtub against bathroom window for a luxurious soak.
Dark and textured with its contrasting white striations, black marble bath walls creates a sleek, chic aesthetic. Adding a luxurious finish to the bathroom, both modern and transitional.
The property features a beautiful snug bathroom, with dark flooring and shower walls. The bathtub is shaped like a fine piece of modern art, deep and curvy. One can spend long hours drinking wine in this beautiful bathtub! The rich dark colouring of the washroom gives one a sense of peace and calmness, while cute orbs hang overhead casting off light.