Residential Project

This gorgeous Etobicoke property glimmers luxuriously in pearl-white, creating a divine atmosphere.

Custom House Design and Build

Etobicoke, ON
The kitchen is marked with a fun and bright springtime contrast between white and pastel blue colours. It will make you feel like you are in a beautiful sunny meadow. An angel’s halo chandelier overhangs the kitchen island, giving a soft divine feel. You can’t go wrong, either, with the regal gold hardware on white cabinets. A marble backdrop deepens the artistic beauty of this design.
This washroom is notable for its spaciousness and open feeling. There is plenty of room in here to refresh yourself. A tasteful shade of grey colours the walls, and the washtub sits under an exquisite crystalline chandelier. The washroom counter has a wonderfully modern design, with duel sinks and triple mirrors, and a tasteful and balanced drawer between them.
This living room has a rich and dark blue corner couch with autumnal pillows. Modern art is placed on the subdued grey walls, and the floor is dark oozy brown. This is a wonderful place to celebrate life with friends and family.