Residential Project

This gorgeous property glimmers beautifully, creating a feeling of heaven on earth.

Custom House Design and Build

Ajax, ON
This property’s kitchen glimmers luxuriously in pearl-white, creating a divine atmosphere. The gleaming white-as-snow hardware contrasts richly against tasteful golden-ring chandeliers, cabinet handles and faucet. Plenty of sunlight enters the kitchen, making it sparkle lovably. A long deep island is carved in a chic manner, making the perfect place to host friends and family. The floor gleams and glitters softly under natural and lamp-light, and cute drawers slide out easily to obtain your kitchen ware and spices.
The bathtub is deep and comfortably, with a regal golden faucet, and with an overhanging spherical lamp allowing for a splendid mood. The walls are subdued grey and the floor is clear marble.
The shower also has golden hardware, making you feel like a king or queen as you refresh yourself from a long day at work or at play. Plenty of sunshine gets into the washroom, brightening up your mornings and you prepare for the day.
The living room is centered around a breath-taking oil-black fireplace with a lovely gold geometric inlay; reminds one almost of a grand piano. The floor is traditional wood, and the walls hushed and subdued grey. Above the room hangs a great spherical lamp.